{chessie + christopher: promised. a memphis zoo engagement}

Christopher knew that he wanted to be with Chessie from the first moment he saw her photo on MySpace. But Chessie wasn’t convinced as easily. Not willing to give up, Chris continued to stalk her online until she finally gave in a little and gave him her phone number. They talked on and off for quite awhile. Christopher was determined. He worked his charm patiently until one day he finally just told her that they should be a couple. Though they had not yet met “irl,” Chessie agreed. He had won her over.

Ever since that day, they have been together. Early next year, they will be joined forever. I am so excited that I will get to be there to photograph their wedding. We met at the Memphis Zoo on a cold day to document their engagement.

Yes, I said cold. Chessie and Chris were willing to shed their jackets for the photos. I wasn’t in the photos, so I kept mine on. Mean, I know.


Chessie, you are gorgeous!


Christopher isn’t much of a smiler, so I had to work hard to catch photos like this…


But he had no problems at all getting cozy with Chessie.


See that look on Chessie’s face? She’s thinking “oh yeah, babe.”




Rawr. Fo realz.


Chessie has a talent for those sassy looks that I love so much.




Chris looks like he’s being all sweet here, but really, he’s just trying to warm up. It was cold!


I tried to tell them that they should use this one for their Christmas card. Then I learned that Chessie and Chris aren’t really Christmas card people. It’s all good. I still think they need this for their Christmas card. 



The zoo is all lit up right now with all kinds of awesome Christmas light displays. But I think Chessie and Christopher have already received their gift. 


To see more images from Chessie and Christopher’s engagement, click HERE for a slideshow.

Here’s to sacrificing your jacket. And your trepidation. And your heart. For love. Cheers!


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  1. chessie says:

    I love this and yes after 4 years of trying to get me, the timing was right for the both of us….we both did some growing through the years of talkin on and off and just so happen at the end of may 2010 neither of us was seeing anyone so I gave him a chance and I thank my lucky stars daily for him. Thanks Amy for catching the love we have for one another in your photographs. You rock….can’t wait till the wedding….the day I get to marry my best friend!

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