emily + chris: promised. an oxford engagement.

Jaded. They had both been on several very bad first dates, and they were beginning to feel jaded. So Emily took precautions this time. When she agreed to go out with Chris, she arranged a Trivia night at a local pub with friends. She thought she might need a buffer, and friends to fall back on if it was yet another bad first date. To her surprise, her defensive technique turned into great conversation. They talked about the trivia questions, and found that they filled in each other’s gaps. Chris seemed to know every answer that Emily didn’t, and when Chris drew a blank on past American presidents, Emily recited every one of them. In order. They soon found out that they were equally as good at other conversation not related to trivia, and they have been inseparable since. ┬áChris and Emily are tying the knot in July, and I can’t wait for their wedding at the Memphis Zoo!

We met in Oxford for their engagement session. They spend a lot of time tailgating on the Ole Miss campus, and the city holds nothing but good memories for them. We had such a blast getting to know each other during their session, and we ended the night at City Grocery for drinks and an amazing dinner! Emily and Chris, thank you for such a fun evening, and I can’t wait for the wedding!


Laughs and smiles were abundant, and I could tell right away that Emily and Chris were my kind of people!

Emily and Chris share a special, all-consuming love, and they were not afraid to show it! Emily wanted plenty of kissing pictures, and I was more than happy to oblige!

I took the shot on the left, while Ed perfectly captured Chris’ devil-may-care smirk (i’ve always wanted to use that adjective!).

Then onto campus in some fabulous light!

Ed caught this look, and I adore it!

We were having fun at the amphitheater, when I noticed Emily’s neglected shoes just casually lying next to her. I can’t just ignore fabulous shoes!

I’ve shot at this fountain numerous times, and I was thrilled when Emily and Chris were willing to try a different angle and get their feet wet. I admit I had to test the waters too – it felt so good on such a warm day!

Again, Ed is getting so good at capturing the in-between moments.

We ended with a sunset picnic in a field above kudzu-covered trees. So perfectly Southern!

Emily, you are gorgeous. Special thanks to Hope Rogers for making Emily look extra-yummy.

Emily and Chris, thank you for spending the evening with us! I already consider you both friends, and I can’t wait to hang out again!

To see more images from Emily and Chris’ engagement shoot, CLICK HERE for a slideshow. Here’s to tailgating. And plentiful kisses! And cocktail glasses with colors that match competing sports teams. Cheers!


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