You get real creative for evening family entertainment when you lose power for 6 hours. Turns out the battery in my laptop only lasts for about an hour. iPhones are great, but they have batteries too, that cannot be charged when the power is out. So we did homework and read Beatrix Potter books by lantern light instead, while Jessie serenaded us with her cello, which, thankfully, is not electric.

For the ten minutes that the storm lasted, Jessie was picked up from dance lessons, battery powered lanterns were located, a leak in the garage ceiling was discovered, a Flashlight app was downloaded to my iPhone (highly recommended, by the way), a puddle of water coming in underneath the front door was stemmed by a blockade of towels, and Alex was assured that we were not going to blow away.

The worst part? The power went out 5 minutes before American Idol.

Here’s to camping out in your own living room. And batteries. And the Flashlight iPhone app. Cheers!



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  1. jill says:

    camping out in your own living room can be fun even when you just pretend the power is out : ) the things i learn having boys.

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