{christmas blues}

I’m wearing my coat right now. Inside. It’s 18 degrees outside, and 55 degrees inside. I understand trying to save some money on the heating bill and all, but honey, 55? Seriously? That’s just way too cold. Especially for my Southern skin.

On top of that, I have Christmas card elbow. And hand. And fingers. It’s amazing how quickly technology will make you forget that you used to use a pen and paper every day. It’s been a looooong time since I’ve actually written, and not typed, that much.

The month is half over. I’m not done shopping. I still have boxes of decorations out. My stockings melt by my fire. And I’m cold!

But I love Christmas. No, really, I do. Every time I see our Christmas tree, I smile. We have 4 trees, but the “family tree”, as opposed to the “ball tree” or the “white tree,” will always be my favorite. With its star garland, lots of colors, and yes, all those hand-made ornaments, it’s the one we put the presents under.

And this year, we have a handy-dandy remote that turns them all on and off. It’s the highlight of my day. Now, I’m going back to bed.

Here’s to husbands who mail the 47 cards after you address them. And that wreath ornament made out of puzzle pieces. Cheers!



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