{happiest holidays}

Well, it’s over. What took a month and a half to prepare for is gone within 24 hours. Sorta.

I like to make Christmas last as long as possible. We’re Catholic, so we leave the tree up until the Epiphany (I tell everyone it gives us more time to enjoy it, but really we’re just too lazy to take it down before then).

Christmas is about children. The boxes are still out, and bits of Christmas paper are still littering the floor. Toys, new and old, are strewn everywhere.

Christmas is about eating. We had days of deliciousness. The beef tenderloin and shrimp and grits were on point (or on spot, as my mom would rather say). The cookies were loved by Santa. The cocktails flowed. We have leftover food to last us a week.

Christmas is about sharing. We had all our friends and family over for Christmas dinner. And somehow, we managed to fit 18 people around the dining room table. I loved that my house was full of those I love most.

Christmas is not over. Not for me. I’m going to continue to love, share, and yes, eat.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make my holiday the most memorable ever. And I hope you all enjoyed yours just as much. Here’s to NOT being the first one to take down the decorations. And being okay with having bad hair on Christmas morning. And feasting for days. And sharing. And sharing. And sharing. Cheers!





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