july instagram mosaic


Morgan commented the other day that she loves Instagram, because it gives you somewhere to put all those photos that you don’t know what else to do with. Dang. I ended a sentence with a preposition. I hate that. I love it for her reason too, but also because it lets me document my life. With pictures.

We had our annual family vacation in July, so most of the photos include some version of sun, sand, or water. But there’s a few other things in there, too, like…

  • Independence Day
  • visiting with out of state friends
  • palm trees, one of my most favoritest plants
  • Alex’s affinity for removing Lego body parts
  • the release of the last Harry Potter
  • quirky Memphis sights
  • and a sunset or two

If you’re on Instagram, follow me so that I can follow you back! I’m amyhutchinson. Here’s to a month full of ┬átravel. And the beach. And the bittersweet ending of Harry Potter. Cheers!


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