{music rocks}

Literally. At least my kind does. Here are my current faves on my playlist:

  • give me a sign by breaking benjamin
  • shameful metaphors by chevelle
  • what a shame by shinedown
  • from the inside by depswa
  • afterlife by avenged sevenfold
  • just dance by lady gaga

Okay. That last one isn’t rock. But I also love to dance, so it counts. Besides, how can you not love a song that says “can’t find my drinkerman?”

I took Morgan and a friend to Nashville a few weeks ago to see one of her favorite bands: Muse. I never would have known about this band if it weren’t for my daughter’s quirky taste in music. She has taught me to really enjoy this band and their immense amount of talent, whether you enjoy their particular genre or not. It pains me to say it, but I do believe it was the best visual rock show I have ever seen. I was duly impressed. The clincher for me? The grand piano. On a rising platform. Oh yeah, babe.

Fair warning: iPhone pic!


Morgan actually captured this one right as they turned off the lights (with a little Canon point and shoot. She rocks too!)


The girls were such divas! It was so much fun just to watch them.



Here’s to rocking out, whether anyone is watching or not! Cheers!


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