winter strings concert.

Jessie adds culture to our lives, of the performing arts variety. She is an accomplished dancer, and she is becoming quite the cellist. Of course I’m biased, but her instructor thinks so too, since he made her First Chair. I’ve never played an orchestra instrument, but I hear that’s a pretty big deal.

Last night, we had the honor of attending her Winter Concert. I’m turning into one of those sappy moms who tear up with pride every time her child does something outstanding. You know, like doing the dishes. Or hugging a sibling (these are rare occurrences). Or performing in front of hundreds of other proud parents.

All the kids got into it, with their adorable Santa hats, and a couple violinists even dressed up as snowmen.

Thank you, Jessie, for bringing the arts into our home! We love you and are so proud of all you do!

Here’s to kids with talent and ambition. And Christmas songs. And parents who cry. Cheers!



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