{friday shortlist: poor man’s macro lens}

I’m going to try to be more regular about my Friday Shortlist postings, just because I love to give shout-outs to my favorite things! This being the Christmas season, my favorites list is quite long, so without further ado…

  • Jingle Spells 3: way too much fun for Harry Potter and wizardrock fans!
  • Shootsac: I’m getting one of these for Christmas, are you?
  • Hair Bands: Loving the nostalgia right now! Cinderella, Poison, Def Leppard, Firehouse, Scorpions, etc. Get your own Hair Band station on Pandora!
  • New Super Mario Bros: SO hoping Santa brings us one of these!!
  • The poor man’s macro lens: I just learned about this the other day from Brenda’s blog. I’m hooked! I ordered an adapter for my Canon 50mm 1.2, but had to play around in the meantime. Yes, these are a bit blurry, but I was just experimenting by holding the lens up to my camera. So cool!





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  1. How much money should you plan on spending on a 10 day European vacation?

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